Feedback from our travelers


The glow of your trip is still with me. Meeting your devoted followers and learning about English gardens are experiences that carry me on to new vistas. You were amazing in all aspects of the trip. Meeting your contacts and enjoying their hospitality made your trip 5 star ...or is it 6 plus?

Beth, Wayne, PA

We are so grateful for a lifetime experience and the pure pleasure of remembering and talking about the trip.  I should also say that we have fallen in love again with our place at Stinson Beach, seeing it through the lens of the places we visited with you.

Charles and Sandra, San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much for all your work and care in organizing a wonderful English tour.  The gardens were magnificent and our hosts, hostesses and gardeners so hospitable and generous with their time.  I also enjoyed so much our merry band of travelers.

Mary, East Hampton, NY

It was a beautiful trip, you selected fantastic locations, each exquisite in its own way. And the owners and gardeners were extraordinary and a thrill to meet.

Judy, New York, NY

So lovely to be with you all for a divine week together. Thank you so very much, Emily and Katharine, for your wisdom in planning our exquisite garden tour!  Every stone, step and view along the way was extraordinary.

Victoria, Sag Harbor, NY

Coco and I get to use the word "gobsmacked"; Completely stunned and thrilled by Rehana's book [a lovely book which one of our guests made for us].  Isn't it a marvel!!!

We have been through it 3 times since last night when we opened it and are overcome with sentiment and gratitude and just plain delight at the multiple pleasures it holds for reliving our wonderful time together.  Such a crew! And such beautiful gardens! And so much irresistible food as well! I'd forgotten so much that this is just one of the greatest treasures imaginable.

We have not forgotten how beautifully Emily and Katharine managed our voracious appetites for all things good and beautiful, and the wonderful cast of characters to whom you introduced us.  Seeing this book, no-one will be able to resist any trip you conceive.

Kyra and Coco, Boston, MA

I thank you for putting together such a wonderful trip. Looking forward to hearing about your future endeavors!

Martha, Salem, OR

Thank you and Emily for the marvelous trip.

Marian, Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for leading such beautiful days in England! I really meant that I could have stayed for weeks. Obviously the gardens themselves were the most captivating part for me and it was wonderful to explore the selection which were fascinating individually as well as by contrast.

Gabriel, Jackson, WY